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You've forced my hand
And so I withhold it
I'd prepare for impact

There's no pleasure taken
It's quite bittersweet
Watching you plummet

Your grip was precarious
Trouble waiting to happen
Who saw this coming

There you go at last
Frantic for a lifeline
Making a rapid descent

Playing savior grows tiring
You'll inevitably be called
But only when needed

Friends are friends
Not just guardian angels
You'd do well to remember
A Rapid Descent
It felt nice playing around with a different scheme, it offered up a lot more freedom I find. Rhymes are fun, I enjoy them, but it's nice to be able to write without having to worry about rhymes and placement. This poem has a weary, adamant, resigned air to it. It's also got an edge, it's got kick. I'm content with how it turned out. One should be careful how they treat their friends.
Somebody has chosen to trespass
Wailing alarms attest to that
They don't know which doors to bypass
Defenses shall crush them like a gnat

The breach made is insubstantial
Unbeknownst to them things are secure
Protocol makes things quite simple
Whether they're a thief or saboteur

Given time they shall be captured
Their evasion tactics won't work long
Surely they know they've been discovered
Was that their angle all along

Interrogations aren't ever pleasant
But an explanation must be withdrawn
On this their future is contingent
A conclusion is not yet forgone

Sensors brought news of the intruder
Putting the watch on high alert
It's a matter of time before they answer
Why was the risk worth the effort
Intruder Alert
This poem was a pain to put together, mostly because it took a lot longer to finish than I'd anticipated. But given the theme finding the correct language was a bit tricky at times as well. This poem doesn't come from anywhere in particular, I simply wanted to see what I create using this poem title. The result is a bit more strict and polished than what I was expecting, but all in all it's a decent poem.
Fighting for your dreams is courageous
But sometimes you're going to lose
And have to surrender something precious
Effectively forcing you to choose

Do you choose the painful act of letting go
Or shall your dream live as a phantom
Will you relinquish what you wished to know
Can you move past being the victim

There's no shame in embracing sorrow
Eventually all feel the sting it brings
We'll all lose treasures safeguarded below
Dreams can be such fragile things

As we walk through life we'll design dreams
Life is going to tear many of them apart
What we desire shall come apart at the seams
Existence strains the strongest heart
Fragile Dreams
This poem was inspired by a friend struggling with what is potentially the death of a dream. Watching dreams die is painful, but it's also an inevitable part of life. But then again, life and death often walk hand in hand. This poem is short, but not particularly sweet. It's got a morbid, resigned feel to it. But when it comes to the dying of a dream I suppose that's a place we eventually end up, so I suppose it's only fitting.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
If you're curious about me, just send a note or something? I won't bite!

Favourite genre's of music: Rock, hard rock, soft rock, classic rock, all sorts of metal, gothic rock, oldies, punk rock, jazz, industrial, dubstep, aggrotech, grunge, video game music
Favourite style of art: I'm not sure.. there's too much amazing art on this site.
A few things I enjoy: Singing, photography, gaming, hiking, camping
I've been neglecting my writing this year, and that's honestly pretty disappointing. But I've been busy with school, classes, and a couple practicums. I'm done those now, so I'm apparently a mental health worker. I'm not quite sure what I'll be working in yet, as I've got to find work. I thought finishing would leave me with more free time, but now I find I'm wrapped up in a different kind of busy. Being an adult is a pain that way sometimes.

There's been a lot going on, but I'm trying to be more consistent with my writings and the last few days I've been successful with that. I hope to keep it going, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see how things play out. It'll be fun I think. There's still a lot I need to do, and there's a lot I've yet to write about. I look forward to both challenges.

I don't know how many of my followers actually pay attention to my writings and ramblings, but I appreciate having you guys round all the same. Hope whoever reads this is doing well. :la:
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