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I don't wish to be kept
Perhaps someday but not now
Not until I know what I want

There's not enough to give
And so much work left to be done
No one else will build my future

My heart is encased in iron
It's unlikely anyone will melt it
But I wouldn't have it any other way

Romance isn't everything
Some things are more important
I'm driven to stand on my own

Until the end I will be here
So I would build stability for myself
What comes after time will tell

Some days I'd like to be kept
I've got a heart in there somewhere
There are just things I want more
Encased In Iron
This has been rattling around in my head for a while, not the poem but the sentiment behind it. For the longest time I wanted to be had, to find fulfillment in people and to dive into that whole relationship/romance/whatever bit again, but I don't want that anymore. I haven't wanted it for a while. More than anything I just want to build me, to build my own life and my own future. I'm not prepared to invest in anyone all that deeply when my greatest investment needs to be in myself. Maybe I don't have to do it all alone, I've pondered that myself but I'm not ready to dabble in that direction right now. I just want to build something for me and I'm willing to make sacrifices. I'm willing to sacrifice things that may or may not make me happy to get where I want to be.
A window opens and clouds engulf the mind
Grey clouds with darker undertones
Raining down thoughts of cynicism and despair
The world itself is distorted

On some level there's still an awareness
Knowledge that this storm is only temporary
A certainty that this too shall pass
But in the moment it's smothered by a malaise

When caught in the storm clarity is stifled
It doesn't take much to be carried off
Carried off by a maelstrom of turbulent emotion
Sent careening through a twisted mind

How quickly we're seduced into embracing it
All the confusion festering within
We'd cling to those darker undertones
If they didn't kiss us goodbye and blow us away

A window opens and we breathe out a miasma
Leaving us shaken and bereft of colour
Perhaps a price paid for a cleansing of sorts
For the fleeting reprieve that follows


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
If you're curious about me, just send a note or something? But I suppose I should at least put a few things here.

I'm a hobbyist poet, I've been writing for.. shit. Seven years now I think? A lot of what I've written hasn't actually made it to dA, but those were likely things I didn't want to keep. I'm Canadian, I live on a beautiful island on the west coast. I like artsy shit, music, nature, books, video games, minerals, the odd movie/show when I can find someone to watch with, singing, photography and a bunch of other things.

I also have a tumblr if any of you are interested in that sort of thing! Go stalk me at! Stalkity stalk stalk.
Well, shit. Really, it's been a long time. Hell, it's been over a year since I've uploaded anything and I'm sorry for that. I've not had a computer but that's a sorry excuse for slacking so much in regards to my writing. This time the ball was a bowling ball dropped through a hundred story glass building. Oops!

Anyway, I'm gonna be putting a conscious effort into writing more often and uploading. I'm actually doing the same bit with my singing, which I might share at some point because why the hell not? It'd be stupid to abandon my passions, so why not share them?

I apologize to all my followers, to the ones who've followed this profile because they saw something they enjoyed. Here's hoping you'll enjoy what I've got to offer you going forward!
  • Listening to: The Dark Half by Aesthetic Perfection
  • Reading: Yet another Star Wars novel because I adore them
  • Watching: You in the shower (this never changes!)
  • Playing: The Witcher 3
  • Eating: Applesauce of all things
  • Drinking: Drinking in the satisfaction of being back

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