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I'd like to chase you through the dark
Through open fields beneath the stars
Our skin and eyes bathed in moonlight
Running as if it's everything that matters

I would like to eventually catch you
But to pursue you is a treasure itself
You are desired and you should know it
Who you are is reason enough to chase

I'd like to take you in my arms
Only to release you and step back
Then I'd hope for steps towards me
My passion means nothing without your consent

I cannot make you desire me
Your romance is yours alone to give
And while rejection would cut quite deeply
That's a choice you're allowed to wield

I'd like to walk the night with you
Knowing that you want to be beside me
Talking because that's what we desire
Words can be like magic in the dark
Through the Dark
This particular poem is unlike anything I've written in a long time. I was down by the waterfront and I encountered something that struck me. An older couple dancing to what sounded like Italian music all alone in a massive gazebo beneath the cover of darkness. I stood there watching for a few minutes because it was beautiful to me, it made me happy to see something that beautiful. I wanted that.

It's been a good while since I've been genuinely inspired to write anything. I'll write, but I do it because I enjoy it and I want and need to express. But inspiration? Yeah, this struck me. It tapped into my passion too, and while it's not the poem my head was hoping I'd write it's the poem my feelings were telling me that I should. And so I listened. 
There's something about the ocean
Something that brings me peace
It's as if burdens are released
Freed to dance among the waves

The waves themselves are hypnotic
I could watch them for hours
While buffeted by a gentle breeze
Serenity dwells by the sea

Nature settings help me decompress
But by the ocean it's different
Emotions feel much more vivid
Things are embraced instead of analyzed

By the water I feel like myself
Free of all the mental noise
I'm open and receptive there
More vulnerable than I'd like perhaps

When near the ocean I feel alive
Perhaps in my element even
That's the best place to experience me
Enchanted by the dancing blue
By the Ocean
The ocean has always been special for me. Well, bodies of water in general. Rivers, lakes, streams. Hell, even rain does it for me. I just feel at peace, settled, free, like myself. A lot of things. But the ocean is a different beast entirely, it's hard to explain. 

I wrote this down by the waterfront, it all just came to me. 
Adult life can be challenging
Time just won't be contained
Friends are often hard to see
Connections must be maintained

Which is easier said than done
Schedules are tough to match
Loneliness is a loaded gun
It's not that I don't understand

There are friendships I hold dear
Some I needn't worry about
But get together's are infrequent
I cannot endure social drought

And so I've begun to wonder
Is it time to make more friends
How do I grow that number
Where do I find worlds to explore

Adult life can be quite solitary
That's just the nature of the beast
Sometimes I really need connection
My true self wants to be released
Craving Connection
This poem is pretty straightforward, it's about life and a desire for connection. It's been rattling around in my head for a while now. I've got friends, old friends who's friendship I'd never question. But it can be tough meeting up, or even getting in touch with them. That's just adult life, people are busy and we've only got so much time to work with. It's all pretty understandable. 

That being said I crave connection. Not fleeting social interactions, I want more. I'm at my best when I can really be myself and I need to be able to give and receive time in order to do so. Maybe I need to meet more people, even though I'm not really all that great at doing so. I hate being lonely, I need people in my life. Not all the time, that's ridiculous and unreasonable. But more frequently. 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
If you're curious about me, just send a note or something? But I suppose I should at least put a few things here.

I'm a hobbyist poet, I've been writing for.. shit. Seven years now I think? A lot of what I've written hasn't actually made it to dA, but those were likely things I didn't want to keep. I'm Canadian, I live on a beautiful island on the west coast. I like artsy shit, music, nature, books, video games, minerals, the odd movie/show when I can find someone to watch with, singing, photography and a bunch of other things.

I also have a tumblr if any of you are interested in that sort of thing! Go stalk me at! Stalkity stalk stalk.
Well, shit. Really, it's been a long time. Hell, it's been over a year since I've uploaded anything and I'm sorry for that. I've not had a computer but that's a sorry excuse for slacking so much in regards to my writing. This time the ball was a bowling ball dropped through a hundred story glass building. Oops!

Anyway, I'm gonna be putting a conscious effort into writing more often and uploading. I'm actually doing the same bit with my singing, which I might share at some point because why the hell not? It'd be stupid to abandon my passions, so why not share them?

I apologize to all my followers, to the ones who've followed this profile because they saw something they enjoyed. Here's hoping you'll enjoy what I've got to offer you going forward!
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