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Mystery, I wish to unravel you
To explore who and what you are
From your light to the dark recesses
I would breathe in your essence

How I long to reach beyond the veil
And unwrap each and every layer
In a way my clumsy hands could not
Enigma, I'd strip you to the soul

Mystery, I would caress your flaws
For you are perfect in your imperfection
I'd run fingers along your heart
Searching for a deeper kind of warmth

How I wish to to simply talk with you
About everything and nothing in particular
To be engulfed in your subtleties
Enigma, someday our worlds will collide

Mystery, we'll find each other in time
That's an adventure just waiting to begin
Until then we remain but musings
Dreams dreamt by a yearning heart
Most people wish to be explored
To be meticulously unraveled
As if they were something priceless
But some areas aren't accessible

It's common to hide things away
We've all got scars and insecurities
Things we're hesitant to share
Stigma locks many doors

Many share one burning desire
That someone might understand them
Such a thing takes trust
And a willingness to open up

No one is just their surface self
The pieces put out on display
Light and darkness make up a being
Beauty is woven into both

Exploration requires an openness
A willingness to be raw and vulnerable
Bravery of another sort
Some risks are worth taking
To Be Known
This particular poem was born of something that's been eating at me for a while now, the desire to be known. A desire shared by many, but one that many are understandably afraid of. Opening up is a risky proposition, you can't ever be sure you won't be hurt in some way. But that's life. It's a frightening prospect, but what a thrill finding someone willing to explore you can be. 
I don't know where I'm going
There's no compass kept within
No shining star is glowing
My trouble lies therein

Truth be told I've no direction
Step by step I wander on
Each dot denies connection
Questions wake with the dawn

Answers are always so elusive
Clarity comes at a cost
Dreams are always inconclusive
For all I know I'm not lost

I'll just keep trying to progress
Life is unpredictable at best
Given time things might coalesce
This needed to be expressed
Lacking Direction
This isn't one of my more eloquent pieces by any stretch, but it's expression and this time that's what's important. 

I've no long term goal at the moment, just multiple short term ones. It's irritating, as I feel as if I should. Oh well, I've got lots of time to figure that sort of thing out.

Relinquish your wandering thoughts
Swallow your stifling doubt
Navigate a mind mired in knots
Let us discover how things play out

Lay down your burdens for a while
Peel back the skin and bare your soul
Walk with a spirit free of guile
Gather your pieces and be made whole

Embrace the dark and stoke the fire
Cleanse yourself of life's debris
Reach for the freedom that you desire
Grasp my hand and burn with me

Tear down the dam restraining you
Let words flow freely from your mind
Speak what you'd usually subdue
Explore the raw and unrefined

Open your eyes that shine like jewels
Dance across the clean slate set aflame
We needn't play by temporal rules
Let's make our own as we play the game

Cling to the openness we've unearthed
Breathe in the smoke light and free
It's a precious thing our trust has birthed
Take my hand and burn with me
Burn With Me
Well then, I wasn't expecting this to be the poem I'd write when I chose the title I wanted to work with. I figured it'd end up being something sappy or romance related, but I wasn't expecting anything passionate. It's kind of neat how you can still be surprised by your own work in spite of being present through the writing process. I'm really happy with how this turned out, I love poems like this. 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
If you're curious about me, just send a note or something? But I suppose I should at least put a few things here.

I'm a hobbyist poet, I've been writing for.. shit. Seven years now I think? A lot of what I've written hasn't actually made it to dA, but those were likely things I didn't want to keep. I'm Canadian, I live on a beautiful island on the west coast. I like artsy shit, music, nature, books, video games, minerals, the odd movie/show when I can find someone to watch with, singing, photography and a bunch of other things.

I also have a tumblr if any of you are interested in that sort of thing! Go stalk me at! Stalkity stalk stalk.
Well, shit. Really, it's been a long time. Hell, it's been over a year since I've uploaded anything and I'm sorry for that. I've not had a computer but that's a sorry excuse for slacking so much in regards to my writing. This time the ball was a bowling ball dropped through a hundred story glass building. Oops!

Anyway, I'm gonna be putting a conscious effort into writing more often and uploading. I'm actually doing the same bit with my singing, which I might share at some point because why the hell not? It'd be stupid to abandon my passions, so why not share them?

I apologize to all my followers, to the ones who've followed this profile because they saw something they enjoyed. Here's hoping you'll enjoy what I've got to offer you going forward!
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